Collaborative Research Grants

SFB 634 Kernstruktur, nukleare Astrophysik und fundamentale Experimente bei kleinen Impulsüberträgen am supraleitenden Darmstädter Elektronenbeschleuniger S-DALINAC
EMMI ExtreMe Matter Institute
HIC for FAIR Helmholtz International Center for FAIR
BMBF – Accelerator Technology
ESF – CIGMA Controlled Interactions in Quantum Gases of Metastable Atoms

Outreach Magazine „forschen – vol. 2009-01“

Our Research Activities contribute to the research profile of the Technische Universität Darmstadt as a whole. A recent overview over many of our research activities has been made in non-specialists terms in order to enhance our outreach to the public.

These overview articles can be downloaded here.